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B R O W   S E R V I C E S

M I C R O B L A D I N G  /  O M B R É  /  P O W D E R






Unfortunately, not everyone is a candidate.

If any of the following apply to you we will not be able to proceed with microblading or other brow procedures:

Under 18 years of age

Pregnant or Nursing

In poor general health

Experiencing a compromised immune system for any reason

Currently ill with a COLD, FLU or OTHER ILLNESS

History of KELOID or Hypertrophic Scarring

Chemotherapy or Radiation Treatment within the last year

Diabetic (ok with written consent from your current physician)

Viral Infections (or any infections) that inhibit healing process


Allergy to Colors

Pacemaker or Heart Conditions

Organ Transplant

Skin Irritations near treatment area (psoriasis, sun burn, acne, etc.)

Uncontrolled High Blood Pressure

Accutane use within the past year

Any illness, disease or condition that compromises your immune system can affect your healing process

as well as increase your risk of adverse reactions and/or potential for infection, therefore, you would not be an

ideal candidate and it is for this reason that we would advise against any elective cosmetic procedures such as cosmetic tattooing or pigmentation procedures of any kind.

No exceptions will be made.

We care about your health & want your results and healing process to be uncompromised.

If any of these conditions or contraindications are unclear,

or if you are unsure if something applies to you, please contact us with any questions

or consult with your physician prior to scheduling a procedure.


Manual Feather Stroke technique used to create the appearance of gorgeous natural brow hairs. A realistic and natural result that can give the brows a fuller appearance. 

No more filling in your brows!

This technique is done with a machine

to achieves a natural soft powder look. By brushing the skin with a single nano needle, we build the pigment layer by layer producing a gradient of color from dark to light.


Get the best of both worlds by combining techniques! The combo brow combines feather hair strokes of microblading with the shading of Ombrè brows.

Using both manual techniques AND a machine this achieves an elegant natural look with a 3D effect.

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