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A F T E R   Y O U R   B R O W   P R O C E D U R E

How to make permanent eyebrows last longer

Once you've invested in beautiful brows you'll want to keep them looking their best for as long as possible.

Many factors determine how long they last and how vibrant the color stays but your commitment to aftercare is one of the  most important factors that determine the longevity of your cosmetic tattoo.

Immediately after your treatment you may experience:

  • Tingling

  • Tenderness

  • Swelling

  • Redness

  • Flaking

  • Itchiness

The reasons for this is that your skin is already beginning the healing process. These can last up to 72 hours but are usually mild and subside after a day or two.



You can wash the rest of your face gently avoiding the brow area. 

After brows are healed, cleanse brow area gently with clean hands, being careful to not rub with force, but gently cleanse eyebrow area using a fragrance-free gel cleanser (such as Cetaphil or Ceravie) and water.

The first 7 days of healing is the time when brows are most vulnerable because skin is still open and pigment has not been sealed in under new skin that will form as brows heal.  After 7 days the new skin is forming and skin is no longer open but fresh new skin is extremely delicate so we ask you to follow these steps faithfully for a full two weeks after your procedure.  Failure do so will greatly decrease success.


  • Use AFTER CARE OINTMENT pigment is retained best with a "wet heal" - meaning procedure area remains moist at all times. The layer of ointment should be thin, as your skin needs air to breathe and heal, but we want to make sure they don't dry out while healing.  Apply ointment gently using a NEW clean cotton swab (because it's cleaner than your finger) for each application.

  • PRESS / BLOT brows 3 times each day to remove excess lymphatic fluid. (We'll explain this method at your appointment).

  • DO NOT SCRATCH or PICK your skin: Some itching is normal; it’s a sign that your skin is starting to heal itself. Do not pick at or scratch the treated area as this could cause scarring, infection and a poor colour result. Your eyebrow tattoo may flake a little; this is also perfectly normal and should be left to heal naturally.

  • NO MAKEUP or PRODUCTS ON BROWS - Avoid makeup and products in or on the brow area. You should not apply anything (other than approved after care ointment) as any other products such as moisturizers, makeup, oils or lotions could cause infection or a reaction in your skin, being detrimental to your end result.  Furthermore, open skin that is healing can  become contaminated with the pigment or colors in your makeup altering the final color of your healed brows.

  • BE CAREFUL AROUND WATER - Keep showers quick and no swimming! You will be able to gently cleanse your brows after two days but remember water on the treated area can cause problems with a cosmetic tattoo so when bathing or showering take care not to let water run onto brows and never submerge face under water during the healing process.  If you do get your brows wet, pat dry gently with a clean tissue or cotton towel.

  • NO STEAM / SAUNAS / HOT TUBS - again quick showers! Steam can open pores and soften freshly healing skin and we want new skin to form and heal over the pigment to seal it in.

  • NO SWEAT: Sweat can dissolve pigment! You sweat consists primarily of water and electrolytes (including sodium and chloride). When you sweat, the salt hangs out on your skin after the water evaporates. ... That's why your sweat tastes salty. So sweating onto healing brows where the pigment has not been sealed in by new skin yet will dramatically fade results.  We love our athletes and fitness enthusiasts and we know you don't want to wait two weeks to workout, we get it, so we say IF YOU MUST then put an extra layer of after care ointment on your brows and wear a headband like they did in the 80s to catch any sweat from getting onto your healing brows.

  • NO SUN: Large sunglasses or a brimmed hat can offer great protection for your eyebrow tattoos from the sun. Don’t go on sunbeds or take part in any activity that could cause excessive sweating such as sports or saunas.

  • Taking care of your tattoo at this early stage can mean the difference between a beautiful, long lasting cosmetic tattoo or a disappointing result.

  • SLEEP ON YOUR BACK - sleeping with your brow area pressed into a pillow can affect the healing process (and cause wrinkles!).  We know it's difficult when you're a tummy or side sleeper, but try your best! Giant U shaped body pillows are great to snuggle into or you can even use regular pillows by putting one on each side (and even one under your knees) while you sleep on your back to prevent you from rolling over onto your face.

  • KEEP HAIR AWAY FROM BROWS: If you often have hair in your face then pin back that fringe at least for the first week. Hair getting into your fresh brows can cause infection which will disturb the way the colour sets.

REMEMBER brows heal in stages and during the healing process your brows can get darker before they heal to their final color.  Don't freak out! Remember, your color will inevitably be darker now than the end result, so don’t assume that the color is wrong; give it time and it will soften to the perfect shade you wanted and we can make any adjustments at your complimentary touch-up appointment. (CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO ON HEALING STAGES)


Helping your cosmetic tattoo stay sharp and nicely coloured means you’ll need to take care of the area long term too. 

It's super easy to do! We recommend:

  • Always use sunscreen, as sunlight WILL fade semi permanent cosmetic tattoos

  • Avoid rapid exfoliation or anti-aging creams in the area, as they can also cause fading

  • Avoid certain skin treatments in the area, such as chemical peels, facial scrubs, laser rejuvenation, microdermabrasion and others

  • If you plan a skin treatment, tell your skincare professional about your cosmetic tattoo

  • If you need an MRI scan or other medical procedure, inform your doctor as well as the technician performing the treatment about your cosmetic tattoo

Although after care instructions may seem a little overwhelming at first, most of it is simple common sense and usually our clients are eager to follow our recommendations faithfully because they have invested precious time and dollars and want to get the most out of their investment.  We're always here for support, whether it’s been a month or a year since you had your treatment. While there’s no guarantee as to how long semi permanent cosmetic tattoo procedures will last, with care you’ll ensure you achieve a great result for as long as possible.


For more information on aftercare or any of our treatments get in touch with us at Microblading Studio City for help and advice.

THINGS TO CONSIDER: poor diet, stress, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, general health, sleep/fatigue can all affect long term results. The more fatigued you are the lower your immune system is and infection is more likely to occur. Please get plenty of rest and stay nourished and hydrated while you heal!

*** Complimentary touch-up appointments are offered to perfect existing work and make slight adjustments.


***Proper aftercare is vital to the successful retention of your new brow pigmentation. 

*** Failure to follow the above instructions voids our service agreement and may result in the loss of your complimentary touch-up appointment as well as the possibility of refusal of future bookings. 


***There are no implied or written guarantees. If you don't follow after-care guidelines we will not be able to start over at your touch-up appointment.


We will always work with you to ensure success, but we have a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for those who fail to comply with our Pre and Post Care Instructions.  We offer complimentary touch-up appointments to perfect existing work and make slight adjustments, so if you come to your complimentary touch-up appointments with no trace of our work from 4-6 weeks previous then you are not eligible for a touch-up and will need to book a new appointment for a brand new procedure at full price and try again.


Manual Feather Stroke technique used to create the appearance of gorgeous natural brow hairs. A realistic and natural result that can give the brows a fuller appearance. 

Get the best of both worlds by combining techniques! The combo brow combines feather hair strokes of microblading with the shading of Ombrè brows.

Using both manual techniques AND a machine this achieves an elegant natural look with a 3D effect.

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