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L I P   B L U S H   T A T T O O



Lip Blush Tattoo is a form of micropigmentation of the lips.

It is a safe, non-invasive

semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo

procedure that uses color to create the effect of fuller more plump and

defined lips that look natural,

as if you were born that way.


We have the answer.

If you don't see the answer to your question below get in touch and ask away.

We're happy to answer any questions you may have.


What is a Lip Blush Tattoo? 

Lip Blush Tattoo (micropigmentation of the lips) is a safe, non-invasive

semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo procedure that uses color to create the effect

of fuller more plump and defined lips that look natural, as if you were born that way.



Lips appear more defined without surgery or fillers

Restores color to lips that have become pale

Corrects blurred lip lines

Camouflages scars and hypopigmentation

Kiss-proof / smudge-proof color

Make lips appear fuller / larger

Can eliminate daily use of pencils to define lip borders

Saves time and money

How old do I have to be to get a lip blush tattoo?

You must be 18 years or older to receive Permanent Makeup in the state of California

Can I get tattooed if I am pregnant or nursing?

As a precaution, we do NOT perform any cosmetic tattooing on anyone who is pregnant or nursing.

If I have had a lip filler injection already, am I still a candidate for lip blush tattoo?

A minimum of 6 months post lip injection/filler is required before your lip blush tattoo appointment and you must wait a minimum of two weeks after your lip blush tattoo to proceed with any additional lip injections or fillers.


How long does lip blush appointment take?

A lip tattoo session takes 2-3 hours


How long does a lip blush tattoo last?  

usually between 2-5 years with proper after care and touch ups, however,since everyone has different body chemistry and lifestyle we can't guarantee the duration of results


What colors are available for the Lip Blush tattoo?

A wide range of tones in the pink, coral, and red families are available to create a customized shade.

This will be determined with your artist prior to beginning.


What color will my lips be after a lip blush tattoo?

At your appointment we will discuss options and which colors suit you based on your natural lip color.We will discuss the look you wish to achieve and then create a custom color best suited for your individual desired outcome.Once your lips have healed, you can still enhance or change the color of your lips at anytime with conventional makeup. Your new lip tattoo is designed to act as a base, so it doesn’t mean you should throw out your lippy collection!



How will my lips look immediately after my appointment?

Your lips will look swollen and slightly larger than normal and look as though you may have had a slight lip filler injection. The degree of this varies from person to person. The pigment and lip color will look darker initially, like a bold lipstick. The size of your lips will shrink back to normal as any swelling subsides and the color will significantly fade (up to 50%) within the first 4 days. Right after the procedure lips normally feel dry, chapped, tight and tender to the touch. Similar to how a sunburn feels.

What does the healing process look like for lip blush tattoo?

Clients can expect to look like they're wearing lipstick combined with a mild lip-filler pout when they leave their appointment! The color looks more vibrant the day of and after the appointment.Around day two-three, the lips will softly flake away, and the following day they appear almost entirely healed.You will lose color on the inside of your lips first, the edges last.Our soft and gentle technique ensures the lips will heal quickly and with minimal discomfort.


How long does it take for lip blush tattooto heal?

It takes around 5 to 10 days for the lips to heal after a lip blush tattoo procedure.Be aware that the color will vary quite a lot during this healing process before reaching the final color is achieved.


Are there any specific guidelines or products you would recommend after treatment?

Yes! aftercare is vital and I cannot stress this enough!

With proper care lips will heal quickly and with ease.

At your appointment we will discuss all you need to know including which after care ointmentand all the specific guidelines to ensure success.(It's not hard)

After care ointment will be applied hourly like lip balm with a cotton swab(because it's cleaner than your finger) and lips will stay nourished and even look glossy.


We will also recommend a 48 hour refrain from spicy foods immediately after your appointment (because it will burn!)

NO SUN: avoid sun exposure for around 2 weeks.


SWEAT: It is advised to avoid excessive sweating for two weeks while lips are healing.  If you must, we suggest an extra thick layer of after care ointment to keep sweat from touching lips.



Is there anything I should avoid prior to my appointment?

Don't consume: alcohol, caffeine, fish oil, Vitamin E, aspirin or ibuprofen for 48 hours before

as these can cause the blood to thin and will result in more bleeding during the procedure.


Do lip blush tattoos hurt?Most of our clients say yes, while some say no.However, keep in mind that everyone has a different level of pain tolerance. Most of our clients describe the sensation as "tingly" or  "prickly"  or similar to a lip wax while others say they "felt nothing at all".

Never fear.  Should you feel any discomfort at all we will reapply more anesthetic and do everything possible to make you comfortable the entire time.



Can I go back to work after my appointment?




What should I know about long term care?

Touch-up appointments are required to maintain optimal color.If you do not maintain your lip blush tattoo, the color will lighten over time.Fading greatly depends on your skin type and tone, lifestyle, sun exposure, pigment color used, and your overall health.We suggest that if you want to maintain your lips so that they always look their best plan on scheduling a touch up every year for best results and occasionally some people see fading sooner and will require touch-ups more often.



For Exfoliant Lovers

If you are applying acidic or brightening skincare (AHA’s, retinol, peels, glycolics, salicylic acid, etc.) please first cover your lip tattoo with aquaphor or vaseline to avoid premature pigment fading.



If you are receiving an MRI , please inform the technician that you have had an iron-oxide cosmetic tattoo as this procedure shows up as artifact on these scans. Some clients may experience a tingling sensation.  Notify your radiologist that you have had a cosmetic tattoo so they may take any necessary precautions.


Laser Treatments

If you are planning to have laser treatments, it is recommended to cover your lip tattoo with 20% Zinc Oxide to avoid premature fading as laser or pulsed light hair removal or skin rejuvenation can cause color change so you should advise your laser technician that you have had a cosmetic lip tattoo procedure



What's the difference between  lip blushing, candy lips, kissable lips, baby lips,

and all the rest?

There are SO many names for cosmetic tattooing treatments and we have heard them all.

Yes, we do that.

Lip tattooing is widely known under many names such as those mentioned above as well as  "contoured lips" and "kissable lips," even "kylie lips" among the many variations. Cosmetic lip tattooing really comes down to the technician's technique, and the colors and brand of pigment used to achieve different results.


The technique and color choices we make create a natural, blush, candy or "just bitten" look to the lips. The technique uses a small needle and works softly on the lips to very gently implant the color without creating too heavy of a lip-liner/border appearance.


Colors are chosen for the client's desired results and skin tones, but our overall aim is to give lips life and a natural tint without being too dramatic. We love to use pigments with a slight opacity and sheerness. These allow us to create a soft blush appearance.



Will it look like lipstick?  

No. It does not replace your lipstick, but gives your lips a natural, blushy tint. If you are a person that loves the appearance of “no-makeup makeup” and want your lips to look naturally beautiful and“effortlessly put-together” – this is it!"But what if I want to wear a different colored lipstick?"Go for it!This does not replace your lipstick, but gives your lips a natural, blushy tint.Lips vary in nature by shade of color and shape, often we don't realize some people naturally have rosy lips while some have lips that are the same color as the area surrounding lips yet people of all variations wear lipstick with no problem.You can still apply lipstick or any other lip product over your lip blush tattoo,the same way naturally gifted people with naturally rosy lips do. When you go out for an event and wear heavier makeup, put on some heels and a bright and bold lip makeup,go dark and grungy when the mood strikes, just have fun with it!If you are a person who loves the appearance of "no-makeup makeup" and wants to look like your lips have more life during the work week, at the gym, picking up a coffee and running errands, and like to feel "effortlessly put-together" - this is it! 



Is there a method to contour lips,Similar to makeup techniques, to permanently make them appear fuller?

Some technicians might use different shades of pigments to achieve a contoured look to the lips, but we choose technique. We believe the key to subtlety is to apply color more densely in certain areas of the lips to create a naturally contoured look, blending in with the entire lip. As the skin on the lips holds pigment in a different way to the skin on your face it is important not to work too far outside of the lip border, but to work with it to enhance the natural border and add fullness.



Is lip blushing safe for people with particularly sensitive skin or allergies?

Skin sensitivities and allergies are always taken into consideration on an individual assessment.The majority of clients with skin sensitivities or allergies are minor and eligible for tattooing, only resulting in a mild redness of the skin that subsides within an hour or two post-treatment.Any allergies to cosmetics, latex or numbing agents (such as Lidocaine, Tetracaine)should always be disclosed with us prior to your appointment.We recommend that all clients with a history of cold sores take a preventative oral medication for two days prior to appointment (or as advised by your physician) to avoid a breakout.This lip tattoo does not give you cold sores if you do not have the virus, but any treatments to lips can excite the dormant virus increasing the risk of an outbreak in individuals who have had cold sores in the past.It's not a big deal, many if not most people get cold sores so we like to protect you in advance.



What factors will affect how my lip blush tattoo looks?

Excessive bleeding during a lip tattoo procedure will reduce the amount of pigment absorption.Caffeine, alcohol, certain food or drink, and certain medications or vitamins may act as stimulants and/or blood-thinners.These should avoided for a minimum 48 hours prior to your appointment.For a full list of what to avoid before to your appointment click here.Sun exposure: The sun will extremely soften the look of your lip tattoo, and may also change the color appearance of the pigment.Lifestyle: smokers, "sun worshipers", or anyone with skin that is in a state of distress may have less desirable results.It is highly recommended that you avoid SUN and TANNING BED exposure for 30 days BEFORE and AFTER your procedure. If you show up for your appointment with a new tan or a sunburn, you will need to reschedule and pay a rescheduling fee. As your skin exfoliates from a sunburn, it will take the pigment with it.



If I have a cold sore on the day of my appointment can I proceed?

No,  but we'll reschedule your appointment so we're ready to go once the cold sore is healed!Cold sores are common and nothing to be worried about, however, once the actual cold sore presents as visible this is the time when microscopic particles most easily "shed" and are even spreadable to other areas,so, not only would we never perform a cosmetic tattoo of any kind on skin that is compromised or wounded,cold sores are of particular concern in this case because carelessness can spread them to other areas.



Do a lot of people have lip blush tattoos?

Yes! Many more than you realize because good work looks natural so you wouldn't know unless they tell you. 


Shhhhhh.... we won't tell if you don't.

Everyone from celebrities to grandmas are flocking to skilled artists for the coveted lip blush tattoo. 


Fitness enthusiasts like it because you can't sweat it off.


Moms love it because it requires zero effort when you have little time for things like makeup

People with limited eyesight appreciate not having to struggle to see where to apply makeup.


There is also an entire demographic of women that have had lip fillers to create a beautiful pout and fullness in their lips yet after lip fillers the lip line can become blurred and faint from the slight stretch and increased volume. This treatment can compliment lip fillers by giving additional colour back to the border of the lips, and the overall lip tone.


It's also very popular for women that have naturally faint lips, or would like to balance an asymmetric lip line.


What about men?

Yes!Men love it too.

It may be surprising to some (and no surprise to those of us who know men who love makeup)

to learn that men are frequent recipients of cosmetic tattoos and that includes lip tattoos. 

In cases where the lips are naturally faint or undefined a man can achieve an overall enhancement to natural good looks by simply deepening their natural shade ever so slightly to achieve a more attractive appearance while no one is the wiser. Many male celebrities and artists you see frequently on screen have lip tattoos yet no one suspects a thing because the look is intended to be very natural.​

Can I donate blood after receiving a tattoo / cosmetic tattoo?

The Red Cross has suggested that you do not give blood for 6 months following a tattoo procedure.

Included with the procedure is one free touch-up that is done 4-6 weeks later. 

Touch-ups after 6 weeks are $500.00 as long as your tattoo is still visible.

If your tattoo is almost completely faded full price applies.

**Touch-up appointment is only applicable to work done by us at Microblading Studio City** 

We DO NOT do touch-ups for other artists work


We ask that you please reschedule/cancel at least 1 week before the beginning of your appointment

or you may be charged a cancellation fee of 50% of the cost of your service/full service price

if canceled after 24 hours. 

Prices are subject to change at any time and during travel dates.  All pricing is subject to sales tax.​

We reserve the right to refuse our services at any time.

If you deliberately violate terms and conditions, including our aftercare suggestions, we will be excluded from liability and we have the right to cancel any complimentary treatment in the future.

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