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l a s h l i n e   t a t t o o

microblading studio city lashline tattoo



If you love your mascara or eye-liner consider our long-lasting alternative.

Enhance your eyes with our coveted lashline tattoo adored by women and men.

yes, you read that right... men everywhere from Hollywood to NYC to have been secretly enhancing their eyes for years with the subtlest form of this very technique!


Wake up with the look you want with none of the effort.

Lash definition tattooing will draw attention to your eyes,

making them look bigger and sexier, without seeming over-the-top.

Placing natural color between your lash line will make lashes seem fuller, thicker and more defined. The effect created by our lash enhancement is similar to using mascara but you won’t have to worry about it smudging, running or wearing off or removing it when you go to bed.

LASHPOP™: Similar to permanent eyeliner,

the pigment is implanted between the lashes just along the lash line.

This results in fuller looking lashes without the prominent appearance of eyeliner.  This gives really beautiful definition to the eyes while still maintaining

a more natural look.  This service is perfect for people who wear

little to no makeup, but are looking to enhance their eyes

without appearing to wear any makeup at all.


Because client comfort is the utmost importance,

numbing agents are applied prior and during the treatment process.


TIME: Your appointment takes around 2-3 hours.



Everyone has a different level of pain tolerance and we're not gonna lie,

some people find the lashline tattoo a bit uncomfortable

but the good news is we have never had a client who wasn't able to tolerate it. 

Most people describe it as "similar to having your eyebrows tweezed"

or "an annoying feeling that doesn't last too long"

while others say it was nothing at all.

The one universal thing everyone says: "it's totally worth it!"

Never fear. 

Should you feel any discomfort at all we will reapply more anesthetic

and always do everything possible to make you comfortable the entire time.

Price includes one free touch-up that is done 4-6 weeks later. 

Touchups after 6 weeks are $500.00 as long as your tattoo is still visible.

If your tattoo is almost completely faded full price is applied.

**Touch-up appointment is only applicable to our work done by us at Microblading Studio City**  We DO NOT do touch-ups for other artists work


We ask that you please reschedule/cancel at least 1 week before the beginning of your appointment

or you may be charged a cancellation fee of 50% of the cost of your service/full service price

if canceled after 24 hours. 

Prices are subject to change at any time and during travel dates.  All pricing is subject to sales tax.​

We reserve the right to refuse our services at any time.

If you deliberately violate terms and conditions, including our aftercare suggestions, we will be excluded from liability and we have the right to cancel any complimentary treatment in the future.

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