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S E R V I C E S     &     P R I C I N G



brow mapping with your custom shape +

natural feather hair stroke technique

to create the look of gorgeous

natural brow hairs

stunning results giving brows a fuller

& perfectly balanced aesthetic

Scar Camouflage

$300 and up

camouflage tattoo technique

hides scars with skin tone tattoo

shoulder scar.tif

Stretch Mark Revision


stretchmarks before after.tif

$300 and up

Combo Brows


a little shading with natural hair strokes

brow mapping with your custom shape + two pigmentation techniques combined for clients who have little natural brow hair or those who want a more bold,

defined brow. 


this service gives you natural hair strokes with microshading to create the look of fuller, yet natural, brows with a

stunning3D effect


Hairloss Pigmentation

starting at $450

follicle pigmentation creates the illusion of fuller hair in areas of loss

complimentary consultation prior to booking

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